ChxStub Pay Card Program FAQ’s


The payroll card offers employers an alternate way to pay employees that:

  • are unable to obtain a checking account and receive direct deposit payments
  • need to be reimbursed for travel expenses

What is the ChxStub Pay Card?

An easy way to use a card that offers the flexibility to be used anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted, including more than 15 million ATM locations worldwide.

What does the Chxstub Pay Card look like?


Will the employee’s name be embossed on the card?

No. Industry is moving away from embossed cards and regulation does not require a name to be embossed on the card.

Can the card be used to make purchases or get cash advances without a name being embossed on the front?

Yes. The card will be accepted as long as the signature on the back of the card matches the identification that is shown for validation. A merchant or bank has the right to refuse to complete a transaction if the signatures do not match.

How does the card get issued?

The Chxstub Pay Card is issued by employers. If an employer decides to offer this program to its employees, they will receive an inventory of instant issue packets to distribute to employees.

What does the employer do to issue the card?

For each issued card, the employer will complete and fax a MasterCard debit card application to the Chxstub processor. The application must be signed by the employee receiving the card. For employers registered with the program they will log into the system and assign each card for the employee that has opted for the card.